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Writing / Content

Writing Skills
Content Creation
Content Development
SEO Writing

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Microsoft Office
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Adobe Acrobat
ChatGPT/ Jasper/ AnyWord etc.

Marketing / Sales

Digital Marketing
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Solar Sales
Logistics sales
Customer acquisition
Social Media Management

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Service / Consult

Customer Service
Customer Relationship Management
Technical Support
Business Consulting
Communication Skills

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Data / Tech

Software Quality Assurance
Application Development
Product QA/QC
Product Managment
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Website Management

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Graphic Development

Graphic Design
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Aaron Fitch

Tech Dev | Sales | Top Writer | Entertainer | Leader


Menu format — A double portion of multi-faceted talent, stuffed with rich drive & attention — smothered in sweet, personalized charm, topped with bright & bounding charisma.
Resume format — The high-energy, enthusiastic, eclectic business hero with extensive experience & knowledge in countless arenas; a versatile businessman with an effective, positive, & advantageous attitude.

> Highlighted skills:

  • B2B Sales
  • eCommerce Sales
  • Direct to Consumer Sales
  • Avid Presenter / Teacher
  • Top-Search Result Copyeditor and Writer
  • Website Developer & Programmer
  • Built this resume with website code!

Additionally, I quickly integrate and become a valuable player in every workplace and team. My ability to retain information and execute strategies is adored by all my clients and employers.

> Attitude:

Whether in the office, a meeting, or on calls, I'll shine a contagious confidence that encourages, educates, & uplifts.

> Personal Advantages:

  • Love to listen & help others.
  • Lively songwriter & performer.
  • Goes to church, but not a stiff, still play music at bars.

Working Experience

> Copyeditor & Article Writer

Numerous Clients - International
2016 - Present

While creative writing is one of my forte's, I have very extensive experience in producing professional

  • help articles,
  • informational blog posts,
  • and copyedited revisions

primarily in tech, sales, software, and e/commerce.

Often, my work appears on the first page of Google Search results, due to my original, proprietary SEO methods. Additionally, while I am very good at ChatGPT prompts, AI is almost never used in my writing unless to double-check grammar.

Fun Fact: I knew I was a proficient writer when a teacher would give me good grades but let me sleep through class. We agreed that I'd write short stories for various prompts so she could sell my work for extra income. Being her ghost writer was much more efficient & enriching than doing homework.

> Solar - Web / eCommerce
Numerous Clients - Texas
2017 - Present

I continually gain experience, knowledge, and interest in the solar business and technologies via providing solar companies with various services, such as

  • website development,
  • marketing,
  • and e-commerce consultation.
> Web Developer
Numerous Clients - International
2016 - Present

Extensive experience in coding HTML/PHP/JS/CSS — to working with platforms such as Weebly, WebFlow, WooCommerce, Figma, and many more.

> Product Creation, QA, Tech Support, Consultant, Writer, Tutorial Video
3Dsellers - Tel Aviv, Israel
2019 - 2023

Over four years of hands-on experience in a remote corporate atmosphere, providing B2B services and software to eCommerce businesses. They were happy to write me a letter of recommendation for you.


  • Consulting enterprise level online stores and home-based shop owners to plan their logistics and workflows.
  • Writing top-result blog posts to promote the company via timely business topics.
  • Soley creating & updating our user support center via help articles, structure, and design.
  • Copyediting all textual content within the software features.
  • Writing marketing emails, feature updates, and notifications.
  • Design new software features and manage their development.
  • Testing and working with the development team to ensure a quality product prior to release.
  • Website design, programming web-apps, and copyediting website material.
  • Creating tutorial videos for YouTube, which notably became a best source for new user sign-ups.
> Graphic Designer for Rockstar Merch
Private Company - Texas
2013 - Present

From Aerosmith to Willie Nelson, I help design mockups that are used on rockstar websites to sell exclusive apparel merchandise.

> Car Service, Maintenance Sales
Car Repair Shops - Texas
2006 - 2015

Car technician, sales, minor repairs, maintenance, oil-changes.

> Home Assistant/ Freelancer for Famous People
Private estate - Texas
2013 - 2016

Via graphic design, home-repairs, and home upgrade services, I was privileged to work with, live with, and meet predominant people.

> Server/Bartender
Multiple Restaurants, from cafes to wineries - Texas
2006 - 2015

Extensive customer service and relationship building experience.


> Trade Professional in Copyediting, Web Development, sales/eCommerce, and Business
Workplace experience + + raw unfiltered talent. - International
2006 - Present

I build extensive experience in everything I set out to do.